What are the Rules of The Rug Game?


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The game Rug or TRG is a very special game of CultDAO. Users will burn CULT tokens, inject greed and aggression into the game, and jump through the reward ring in search of dopamine. Necessary information about their tokens can be found on the MEXC digital asset introduction page.

What are the Rules of The Rug Game?

In this game, there are 10 tokens. These are T, H, E, R, U, G*, G, A, M, and E* spelled The Rug Game, respectively. Additionally, there are future airdrop plans for dCULT, uRLVT and The Rug Game token holders.

There is a 4% transaction fee on game tokens, with 1% going to a write wallet. In addition, burning and redeeming CULT will cost an additional 1%. On the other hand, 1% is for buying and burning TRG tokens, the game's governance token. Finally, 1% is stored as ETH at the contract.

What is the Price of The Rug Game (TRG)?

The live price of their token will come to MEXC very soon. You can check the live price of their token right here!